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Heavy was the first installment in the anthology of October Falls.
The first page was posted on udgang99 on November 11th 2001 - and the 13 page long story ran
for nearly three and a half month, before it was conculded on ModernTales on Marts 25th 2002...

After having been put behind a subscriptionwall for almost a year at ModernTales,
once again avaliable for free, right here on udgang99 ...

This was the first real colaboration between writer Marc Washington, and myself.
We had tried to do a short horrorstory before, but for some reason it didn't work out.

When you've read the story, please click >>HERE<< to drop me
a quick FormMail, telling me what you think about this comic...

... and then you could go to Marc's website and read the whole thing again,
this time as a written shortstory - it's very different, but trust me - it ROCKS !

Heavy : Careful what you wish for

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