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Attention: This comic is in-complete !!! Only the first half is finished!!!

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This is the second chapter of the horroranthology October Falls.
Written by the ever-cool Marc Washington, and drawn by me.

The size and format of this comic is somewhat different from what I'm
used to... I have tilted the page, so it's now a horizontal comic,as
to the norm of being vertical. The reason for this, is that this was
done exclusively for viewing on the internet... and by tilting the page,
the page now fits the computerscreen.

This is the first time AntiChaoS is open and free for the public. As the
pages were created, they were put behind a subscriptionwall on Modern
Tales... but as I'm no longer a part of that... here's the comic!!!

Part of the reason I stoped doing this comic, was the lack of support, comments
and critiq. So if you really like this... don't be shy - let me know!!!