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October 18th 2003: I would like to welcome Joseph Reynolds to the proud ranks of artists who contribuate to Almost Real - I've just uploaded page 26. My personal thought on this page is, I really like it when the artist remember what has previously happend in the comic. See the guy in the last panel ... what is his relation to Dr. Frankenheimer on page 9?!! It's easy just to screw things up by doing something wild and out-of-place, it's HARD to make a comic like this WORK!!! Nice job, Joe!

October 13th 2003: Today I was really inspired - and completet page 6 of OUSIA.

October 11th 2003: Today my farther had a stroke. Page 5 of OUSIA is dedicated to him - the single most important reason why I love comics today. Hang in there, dad. -I love you.

October 7th 2003: After two years and ten days Almost Real has reached page 25!!! This page is done by myself. Somehow I think it's pretty damn impressive that the thing is still around - I mean, sometimes it's been lying dormant for 4-5 months without any sort of updates, and then suddenly we have 2-3 updates per week! Well... This is my baby, and I hope it'll be around for another 25 pages (at least!!!)

September 27th 2003: A couple of months back I contacted the danish auther Erwin Neutzsky-Wulff, and asked if he would be interested in doing some kind of project with me. He said "yes". Today I have uploaded the first four pages of the comic Ousia.

July 15th 2003: Two things today... THE brightest young upcomming star on the danish comicscene (IMHO), Cav Bøgelund, have returned to Almost Real, with page 23 and 24 ... And I have uploaded a couple of unfinihed sequential pages to the sequential-section... This is the stuff that never really goes anywhere.

May 22nd 2003: Veteran contribuators to Almost Real, Kian Eriksen and Rico Schacher, have created their own online comicjam - Strange Things - and I was asked if I'd like to do a page for it... and ofcourse I jumped at it right away!!! It was a blast to do... and I even colored the sucker!

May 20th 2003: Today Kian Eriksen returns to Almost Real - and he has done an excelent page 22!

May 13th 2003: For the first time ever, I've put something in the photo-section of the gallery. It's a serie of five pictures, done for the acceptance into an art-academy in the city I live in.

May 6th 2003: Rico Schacher from South Africa has returned to Almost Real to do another beautiful page - that makes it 21 full pages so far! And I've got someone working on the next at this moment!!! Enjoy.

May 4th 2003: At long last a new page of Almost Real hits the udgang... This time it's all my doings...! :-)

May 2nd 2003: Three months and no updates - that NO GOOD! Shame on me. But now I'm back with the first five pages of a collaboration between my good friend, Søren K. Berthelsen, and myself. It's a space-thingy called... "SPACE?" ... impressive, most impressive!

January 22nd 2003: I have decided to change the picture on the welcome-page on a regular basis. All the old "welcome-pictures" will be stored in the Poser-section of the Gallery. And how often will I change the picture...? Hell if I know! -Whenever I feel like it...

January 18th 2003: I have finally put something in the FLASH-section!!!
I have also finally found a way to implement FormMail to udgang99! Now it's possible to send me a message directly from this site, so you don't have to go through your own emailprogram. Thank you Michael Moesby for all your help in php-understanding!!! AND!!! -A new comic in the sequentials.

January 5th 2003: Old veteran Almost Real-artist, Michael Sumislaski, returns to the story with a bang ... this is his third page, and now he's sick and tired of looking at that goddamn forrest ... Sooo - where do we go from here?! :-) Nice work, Mikey!!!

January 3rd 2003: After having been behind a subscriptionwall at ModernTales for almost a year, I'm happy to say that Heavy and AntiChaoS, the first and second chapter of the horror-anthology October Falls, has returned to udgang99.dk... Because it was made exclusively for viewing on the net, the comic is put in the web comic-section, and not the sequentials...

December 19th 2002: I'm note sure what happend... but just as I had put page 17 of Almost Real online, I was STRUCK by divine inspiration (or maybe just too much cofee... not sure) - but I ended up spending 2-3 hours drawing the NEXT page for Almost Real!!! So, we have two new pages in ONE day... how about that?! The style...? Not what you might have expected ... but I've been looking a lot at danish comicartist Jan Solheim today, and I felt the need for something different! :) Hope you like.

December 19th 2002: Almost Real reaches page 17, by the contribution of Joshua McCoy.

December 17th 2002: Almost Real continues to get updated! Today page 16 is up, done by Kian Eriksen. Enjoy...

December 11th 2002: This is great! After being in a coma for nine months, Almost Real has come back to life - only one week later I have the privilege to announce that Rico Schacherl has continued the storyline and done page 15!!!

December 4th 2002: It took about nine month, but here it is... the next page of Almost Real - the online web-comic-jam. I hope this will bring back some life to the project ... so please, if you think you're up to it, don't hesitate to notify me if you wanna do a page! By the way, you may have noticed that the page isn't exactly done in my usual style... well, this one was done with Poser, Vue D'sprite and a whole lot of Photoshop!

December 1st 2002: I finally got around to putting up some links... Each and everyone of these links has something to offer. They are all, in one way or another, an inspiration to me. I also made a banner, for people who want to link to udgang99.dk.

November 7th 2002: Even though the site isn't totally finished, I've decided to go ahead and launch it today. I have moved most of the stuff from my old site onto the new one - now I just need to fill in some totally new, newer-before-seen stuf...

November 2nd 2002: Because I have finally gotten my own webhotel, I have decided to re-do udgang99.dk ... the changes will be small and subtle, but I hope the userbillity will be improved. This will be udgang99 v.03 !!!