Welcome to the worlds biggest online portrait-gallery of Hans Christian Andersen, by contemporary artists.

Children and grown-ups all over the world know the name of H.C. Andersen (1805-1875) - and maybe even some of his immortal stories like 'The Little Mermaid', 'The Ugly Duckling' or 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.

In a tribute to this great writer we have opend this gallery, where we display portraits created by YOU !!!


All YOU have to do to be a part of this, is create a portrait of H.C. Andersen, send it to us, along with a few information about yourself. Then your portrait will be shown here on this site, for the whole world to see !!!

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Last update : June 15th 2007


1. Draw/paint a portrait of Hans Christian Andersen.
2. Make a digital copy, at least 500 pixel wide !!!
Send it to: udgang99 [a] gmail.com - - - -[a] = @
4. ... along with the following information :
- - Name
- - Age
- - City & Country
- - Website & Email
- - What do you think when you hear the name H.C. Andersen? (write as little or as much as you like.)

We'll be looking forward to seeing you here !!!

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