Almost Real FAQ

What is Almost Real?
Almost Real is an online multiartist web-comic-jam! The story is open for cartonist from all over the world - I invite everyone to participate in the continuum of Almost Real.

Why make such a project?
It started out as a motivation drive for me... I was getting lazy - new comicpages from me was few and far between. I figured something had to be done, before I totally scraped the idea of doing comics...
I wanted to be challenged - try to think in ways, story/art-wise, that I hadn't done before. Push myself in new directions.
I needed the inspiration from other artists like myself - people who loves comics. I found that the internet is a breeding-ground for just these kind of people.

When I first started posting notes about this project - I got swarmed by artist who wanted to contribuate... It took a while to actually get people "working" on the project, but now Almost Real has reached page 10 !!!

I wanna do a page!
Really??? I mean GREAT! But first you should contact me, and ask if someone allready is working on the next page. If the schedule is clear, you'll get the green light asap.

Do you have a script I should work from?
NO! The continuum of Almost Real is totally in your hands. You make up what happens.

So... I can do whatever I want to...?
Well... yes and no. I advice you to excecise sound judging. The challenge to you, is to continue the last page, the best way possible... don't ruin what the previous artist did, and don't do anything "out of place"... If the last page took place on a sunny beach, California, don't start the next page in a dark dungeoun on planet Zoighh, with Captain Spiff of the StarRanger bursting in ... it just wouldn't make any sense! See?

What style should I do it in?
Do it in any way you like... just maek sure you're comfortable with it. Do you do Disney... GREAT! Do you do Grumb... GREAT! Do you do photorealistic, Jim Lee-ish, Huberto Ramos-isn, stickfigures... GRREEEAAATTT !!! As long as you are comfortable with the style, it's great with me.

Can I do it in Flash?
I don't see why not...

Do I have to do it in black and white?

No, colors are... great!

I did a page... how do you want it?
Send me a scan as a GIF, with a width of 700 pixel.
Don't have a scanner? No sweat, just snailmail me, and I'll put it up as soon as I recive it! :-)

Got a question that's not here?
Send me a mail, and I'll reply asap!